What’s the gift?

One of the gifts I’ve received from the interruption of our routine life is the realization that I’m not necessarily an introvert like I always thought I was……AND I love hugs, high fives and being able to feel other people’s presence within a certain physical distance from me (I wasn’t even comfortable giving hugs until I was 18).  The contrast is especially noticeable compared to the fear I feel from many people now when I’m out at the grocery store or a public park.  I love being around people, and  I’ll never take that for granted again.

What are some gifts and realizations you’ve had recently?



Hi!  My name is Kuang, and I’m a co-owner of Uncanny Fitness.  I’ve been exercising consistently for 17 years, doing Fitness for 10 years, coaching for 8 years and a gym owner for about 6 years.  For those that know me personally, I process things conceptually big picture first, and love talking about the principles behind how things are working in real life.  Nothing I write is “the truth”.  I’m wrong all the time.  These posts more resemble a diary of what goes on in my mind and observations I’ve made with my own experiences and watching others.  Almost none of the concepts are original.  They’re almost always concepts and principles I learned or read from someone else.