What’s “Right” for me?

There is a clear distinction between what you feel like you should (are obligated to) do, and what you feel called to do.  When you are doing the former, things feel like a grind, and it takes motivation.  When you are doing the latter, it feels effortless even when you are working hard.  Part of the challenge in navigating our fitness journey (and in life) is that there’s an abundance of information and “shoulds”.  We’re all wired to have a navigation system to guide us but many of us are either not present to the experience of it or can’t trust it.  This is where “mindfulness” comes in.


Oxford Languages defines mindfulness as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”.  To be conscious or aware….there has to be a “you” observing.  How do you observe what you are thinking?  How do you tell when something is a “should” as opposed to a calling?  I invite you to start exploring this phenomenon because when the awareness is there, the fitness journey becomes simple.  You just follow what honors the calling.


PS What’s calling you can change frequently…..and the awareness of it is constantly there




Hi!  My name is Kuang, and I’m a co-owner of Uncanny Fitness.  I’ve been doing Fitness for 12 years, coaching for 10 years and a gym owner for about 8 years.  For those that know me personally, I process things conceptually big picture first, and love talking about the principles behind how things are working in real life.  Nothing I write is “the truth”.  I’m wrong all the time.  These posts more resemble a diary of what goes on in my mind and observations I’ve made with my own experiences and watching others.  Almost none of the concepts are original.  They’re almost always concepts and principles I learned or read from someone else.