Observations from a small business (gym) owner during this weird time

I feel vulnerable as a small business owner right now.  My first “oh shit” moment was when they suspended the rest of the NBA season.  Up to that point, it never seemed real that “some flu” can actually make that much of a difference in our day to day lives.  At that moment, it was real to me how delicate everything was and how something way outside of my control can potentially shut down the business just like that.  I’ve traded messages with multiple local gym owners, and we all have no idea what’s going to happen.  There’s also so many theories regarding what’s going on right now.  Some people think it’s politically driven while others believe its caused by electromagnetic poisoning from 5G.  Some people think it’s not that serious while others think we’re not taking it seriously enough.  The truth is I have my thoughts and biases, but I don’t really know for sure, and it’s in that unknown that my imagination can run wild and go to some scary places.


“Everything is based on either faith or fear.”


I heard this quote recently from one of my mentors, Donny Epstein.  Something unprecedented is happening right now, and I can surrender to fear or surrender to faith.  It comes down to how we consciously choose the unknown.  If we don’t choose, the default usually goes to fear.  This is especially important to small business owners because our choices have a much more noticeable and immediate impact on our business and the people who count on our business compared to large corporations.


Here are some things I’m choosing to put faith in:


  • The world will be in a better place because of the current crisis
  • Uncanny Fitness will hold a space for people to experience community, faith and mental/physical/spiritual strength
  • People will step up to do the right things for the right reasons

What’s something you can choose to put faith in?



Hi!  My name is Kuang, and I’m a co-owner of Uncanny Fitness.  I’ve been exercising consistently for 17 years, doing Fitness for 10 years, coaching for 8 years and a gym owner for about 6 years.  For those that know me personally, I process things conceptually big picture first, and love talking about the principles behind how things are working in real life.  Nothing I write is “the truth”.  I’m wrong all the time.  These posts more resemble a diary of what goes on in my mind and observations I’ve made with my own experiences and watching others.  Almost none of the concepts are original.  They’re almost always concepts and principles I learned or read from someone else.